The Penn State Social Thought Program


Class, and
Social Obligation

   Friday-Saturday, April 6-7


Keynote Address:

Erik Olin Wright, Vilas Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin, and President of the American Sociological Association, will deliver the keynote address, on "Real Utopias In and Beyond Capitalism."



Saturday, April 7, 8:30-2:30 Steidle Building, Room 301

1: Theorizing Communities, moderated by Jon Gobeil


9:00-9:20am Elizabeth Crossen, “We are Corrupted State: A Marxian Analysis of the Contemporary University Experience”


9:20-9:40am Aaron Heresco, “The Garden in the Machine” 9:40-9:50am Break 9:50-10:10am Nathaniel Porter, “Obeying Our Demon: Enriching the Understanding of Community and Obligation Using Weber’s Secularized Philosophy of Vocation”


10:10-10:30am Erica Dollhopf, “Discontents and Disintegration: Freud and the Modern Fragmented Community”


10:30-10:50am Discussion



Session 2: Mass Media and Community, moderated by Chenjerai Kumanyika


11:00-11:20am Erika Polson, “Together, for the Moment: ‘New Media’ and New Community Logics”


11:20-11:40am Nicole Laliberté, “KONY 2012: Monsters, Militaries, and Political Activism”


11:40-12:00pm Mike Bergmaier, “The Charisma of Hope: Barack Obama as a Weberian Charismatic Leader”


12:00-12:20pm Discussion


12:20-1:00pm, Lunch Break, lunch provided


Session 3: Boundaries of the Public and Private, moderated by Lance Mason

1:00-1:20pm Arielle Hesse, “Risky Public Spaces?: Risk, Gender and the Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission”

1:20-1:40pm Lisa Boyd, “The Deinstitutionalization of Marriage from a Dewey-an Perspective”


1:40-2:00pm Wafa Hozien, “The Privacy Rights of Girls in American Schools”


2:00-2:20pm Discussion